Toast Time Out New York’s Women of the Year

Who she is: This vintage slinger redefines what it means to be a fashion-forward New Yorker. But the appeal is not just her style; it’s also the 41-year-old’s awareness of how harmful the industry is to our planet, making her one of the most futuristic thinkers on our shopping scene. “These issues require real, systemic attention,” she says. That’s why Ponitch, who worked in textile-recycling facilities for more than a decade, stresses the importance of buying locally and secondhand. Recently, she transformed her former Greenpoint shop, Dusty Rose Vintage, into the Dusty Friends pop-up collective, which is now hosting a
variety of events, such as a session (running through April) that’s devoted to drawing a topless figure wearing sustainably made panties. Last year, she launched Gold Dust Projects, a roaming event series that’s part throwback shopping market and part panel,
with a focus on sustainability.

Why we love her: To top it all off, the groovy seller gives back whenever she can. Ponitch created Our Damn Selves, a marketplace that donates a cut of the profits to a worthy cause. “I built a thing to help small brands band together, make rent and do some good at the same time. That’s tombstone-worthy stuff,” says Ponitch.

Check it out: On February 25, from 6 to 8:30pm, her pop-up hosts “Darn It!,” an instructional evening of “care and repair for your knitwear.”

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