These European robotics startups are smartly transforming construction industry in 2020

Construction is one of the most world’s largest industries but it is dated as it relies on tools developed decades ago. While many architects and related professionals design digitally, the construction is still manual, which is the root cause of inefficiencies in the industry.

There are reports suggesting that almost 20% of every construction project results in rework. Eventually, this leads to a lot of waste and reduces the overall margin. To rule out this issue, the construction industry has started taking the digitisation path by embracing software tools, robotics, and other technologies.

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Several robotics startups in Europe have started developing robots focused on the construction industry to resolve the challenges faced by manual labour and make the industry more efficient. Here is a list of construction robotics startups in Europe as sourced from Dealroom.

Picture credits: Blue Ocean Robotics

Blue Ocean Robotics (Denmark)

Founders: Claus Risager, Rune K. Larsen, John Erland Østergaard
Total Funding: €44.3 million
Founded year: 2013

What it does: Blue Ocean Robotics, an Odense-based robotics startup develops, produces, and sells professional service robots across industries such as construction, hospitality, agriculture, and healthcare. Its portfolio includes brands such as Beam Robots, UVD Robots, PTR Robots and a handful of other service robots. Blue Ocean Robotics is the world’s first Robot Venture Factory and the winner of one of the most prestigious international recognitions, the IERA Award 2019.

Picture credits: KEWAZO

KEWAZO (Germany)

Founders: Alimzhan Rakhmatulin, Artem Kuchukov, Eirini Psallida, Ekaterina Grib, Leonidas Pozikidis, Sebastian Weitzel
Funding: €3.6 million
Founded year: 2016

What it does: Munich-based startup KEWAZO works with the intention of improving construction logistics via data analysis and robotics. The company’s first solution is a robotic elevator for construction sites as well as industrial plants with focus on scaffolding. In the construction sector, it focuses on activities such as painting work, roof work, facades, insulation work, etc.

Picture credits: Scaled Robotics

Scaled Robotics (Spain)

Founders: Bharath Sankaran, Stuart Maggs
Funding: €2 million
Founded year: 2015

What it does: Scaled Robotics rethinks constructing buildings by developing mobile 3D printing robots that bring about automation in the construction sites. This robotics startup reduces material consumption by up to 75%. Scaled Robotics operates with the mission to modernise construction by deploying Artificial Intelligence and robotics and create a manufacturing process, which is efficient, lean, and cost-effective.

Picture credits: MOBBOT

MOBBOT (Switzerland)

Founder: Agnes Petit
Funding: €80k
Founded year: 2018

What it does: With 3D concrete printing, sustainable construction is approaching close to reality. MOBBOT intends to revolutionise the construction sector with its 3D printing system, which brings about digitisation into the field of construction. It develops 3D printing solutions that are efficient to use and robust, improve working conditions, and reduce CO2 emissions. MOBBOT’s mobile robots print bespoke concrete components where builders need them.

Picture credits: ZXY Builders

ZXY-Builders (Netherlands)

Founder: David Smits
Founded year: 2015

What it does: ZXY-Builders develops, integrates, and operates small UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for remote sensing applications. It develops ZXY Cloud platform to capture aerial data using autonomous drones. This platform is used in energy, construction, utilities, and government applications. In the construction sites, it monitors, maps, and conducts safety inspections.

Picture credits: Les Companions

Les Companions (France)

Founder: Antoine Rennuit
Founded year: 2018

What it does: French robotics startup Les Companions offers a collaborative robot for painters. Dubbed PACO, this collaborative robot is meant for second-fix work and it assists painters in sanding and painting works on both renovated or new construction sites. Notably, PACO is easily portable and reduces masking, sanding, and cut-in times.

Picture credits: Odico

Odico (Denmark)

Founder: Lars Baun
Funding: €950k
Founded year: 2012

What it does: Odico operates with the vision to revolutionise the concrete industry and architectural profession. With the introduction of robot technology, the company wants to transform the global construction industry, which is heavily dependent on manual labour wherein small innovative designs are difficult to realise. It is one of the world companies in the world to develop software and robotics technology for industrial cutting of advanced casting molds in expanded polystyrene.

Picture credits: Craft Robotics

Craft Robotics (Denmark)

Founder: Rasmus Lundgaard
Founded year: 2018

What it does: Craft Robotics builds adaptive and intelligence robots for the construction industry, which is extremely monotonous and dangerous. Its robots are an extension of the workers’ toolbox and enable people to do a lot more in a day with the help of automation and prevent them hazards. Its robotic tool fits into existing workflows and logistics of construction sites.

Stock photo from Photomontage/Shutterstock

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