Beyoncé Fans Tell Bey to Run After Aaron Carter Reaches Out Amid Downward Spiral

The Bey Hive went into panic mode as Aaron Carter set his sights on their Queen.

It all went down Saturday night, during one of Carter’s recent social media rants.

“omg@BeyonceI just want you to know that love you always and your music! also, I wanted to let you know I never forgot when you let me open up for you and@destinyschildin 99 & 2000! that’s all I wanted to say #Beyhive thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”


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The two stars did cross paths when Bey was a rising star and Carter was at the top of his game. There’s even a photo of the two of them dancing together during an after-party following the 2001 American Music Awards.

The message was innocent enough, as Carter was just reflecting on the times he spent performing with Beyoncé, however her fans were sounding the alarm.

“Run. Run. Run for your life,” one fan wrote on Twitter, while another aggressively warned, “Stay tf away.”

Another commented, “HahahaHahahah that is funny! I promise you he isn’t on Bey’s radar.. maybe her securities, but not hers.”

However, others felt Bey could possibly get Carter some help, during what appears to be a very troubling time in his life.

“Hey @beyonce, please get this fool some help,” one fan asked.

As we reported, Carter, who recently showed off a new face tattoo, proclaimed himself the “biggest” thing in music.

The new ink comes after both his brother, Nick Carter, and twin sister filed dual restraining orders against the singer and accused him of violent threats.

Aaron has denied having any violent tendencies towards anyone in his family, and has vowed to cut off communication with his brother forever.

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