Council to weigh Public Safety building roof replacement

The council’s regular meeting is being held on a Tuesday due to the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday on Monday. According to Engineering Supervisor Terry Johnson’s information provided to the council, the roof has reached its lifespan. Johnson said the building has experienced multiple leaks and numerous repairs throughout the years.

The 201 W. First Ave. building houses three divisions the Mitchell Police Division, Traffic Division and Fire Division and Emergency Medical Services. Leaks in the roof have caused issues in the 911 dispatch area and at the north doors and stairwell. According to Johnson, the leaking has caused significant damage to the ceiling and walls.

The roof replacement project will be divided into two phases. For the first phase, the installation of metal sloped roof elements over two smaller sections of the roof will make up most of the work, according to Johnson. The building currently has a rubber roof with ballast rock laying on top of it to weigh it down.

L.L. Jirsa Architect will be contracted for the design phase that’s estimated to cost $7,500, should the council approve the contract. The total cost of the entire project is expected to come in around $250,000. Considering the city has $149,980 budgeted for the roof project, an additional $100,000 of contingency funds would be needed to cover the cost of the roof replacement later in 2020.

If approved, the city’s engineering staff will obtain three bid quotes and select the lowest qualified bidder for the first phase of the roof replacement project. Phase two of the project will focus on completing the remaining design for the roof replacement, which is slated to be completed by this summer.

In documents provided by Larry Jirsa, he said the bid documents could be completed by the end of February and work could begin in late March or early April, if the council approves the plan.

  • Recite the Pledge of Allegiance, receive invocation from First United Methodist, roll call, hear citizens’ input.

  • Approve consent agenda.

  • Consider entering into executive session, citing legal discussion and negotiations.

  • Meet as Board of Adjustment.

  • Approve Holy Family Church’s request to waive the tipping fees for the demolition of the Knights of Columbus Hall and Auditorium on Kimball Street. The demolition is estimated to amount to 450-500 tons, along with a cost of $20,000 in lost revenue.

  • Hold hearing and take action on the following application: Jan. 21, for the application to transfer RB-2842 retail (on-off sale) malt beverage license from I-90 Fuel Services Inc. doing business as I-90 Travel Plaza No. 101, S. Burr St. Suite A, to Holiday Station store No. 490, 1821 S. Burr St.

  • Hold hearing and take action on the following applications: Jan. 21, Darren, Devon and Dustin Long’s application for a height variance of 28 feet vs. 22 feet and a side-yard on a corner variance of 2 feet vs. 20 feet for construction of an addition to the existing building located at 520 S. Rowley legally described as lots 7, 8, 9, block 9, Van Epps First Addition, city of Mitchell. The property is zoned an R3 Medium Density Residential District; Alexis Jennings’ application for a conditional use permit to operate a family residential child care business at the property located at 1309 E. Fifth Ave., legally described as lot 4, block 1, Bridle Acres Addition, city of Mitchell. The property is zoned R2 Single Family Residential District.

  • Reconvene as City Council.

  • Enter into discussion on wastewater collection study report by Camden Hofer of SPN and Associates.

  • Approve to table the decision on one-way streets to the Apr. 6 council meeting.

  • Approve GeoComm Dispatch mapping software for the Mitchell Department of Public Safety. The three-year contract is estimated to cost $24,114.

  • Approve Agreement No. A2020-06, a request to approve the equitable sharing agreement and certification between the federal government and the city of Mitchll’s Department of Public Safety. The agreement would allow the Department of Public Safety to obtain funds from asset/drug forfeitures if the Mitchell Police Department is involved in the investigation.

  • Approve Agreement No. A2020-07, the acceptance of using the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) grant funds to purchase a new landfill compactor. The agreement allows the city to use 20% of the $663,000 grant that the DENR recently awarded to the city of Mitchell for the new single stream recycling program.

  • Approve Agreement No. A2020-08, the acceptance of the DENR’s grant to fund $545,000 in recycling equipment for the city’s new single stream recycling program.

  • Approve Agreement No. A2020-6D, the purchase of 22 (2-cubic yard) dumpsters for the city of Mitchell’s recycling program that will be distributed to participating commercial businesses and apartment complexes. The dumpsters will cost $12,190.

  • Approve Agreement No. A2020-6E, the purchase of a $120,509 recycling payloader for the city’s recycle transfer facility.

  • Approve Agreement No. 2020-19, the purchase of a $218,217 payloader for the MItchell Regional Landfill. The city has $226,000 budgeted for the payloader.

  • Approve Agreement No. 2020-22, the purchase of a $597,796 compactor for the Mitchell Regional Landfill. The city will utilize $118,000 (20%) of the DENR grant funds to purchase the compactor.

  • Take action on Resolution No. R2020-04, a petition for the vacation of the alley right-of-way running north-south between the 701 block of West Eighth Avenue and the 700 block of West Seventh Avenue. Francisco Contreras Vazques and Janel Contreras; Dwight Daniel Stadler and Barbara May Stadler; Bechen Electric, LLC; Northwestern Public Service Co., are listed as the petitioners for the vacation of the alley.

  • Approve authorizing Mitchell Mayor Bob Everson to accept an employee release agreement.

  • Approve authorization of Resolution No. R2020-06, authorizing the city to abate the residential home of 414 S. Montana St. due to nuisance conditions that involve unsanitary animal waste and garbage collecting inside the home. An order to correct was issued, which stated the home must be cleaned or razed within 14 days. After the home wasn’t cleaned or razed within the allotted time of the order to correct, the city is seeking to abate and demolish the home.

  • Approve ambulance billing services contract.

  • Hold first reading on Ordinance No. O2020-01, establishing airport ramp regulations that will set rules for prohibiting airplanes from staying on the ramp for extended periods of time, which has been an ongoing issue.

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