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For the 9th year in a row, imm cologne 2020 will feature the interior design project “Das Haus” as a highlight for design enthusiasts. This years “house” will be designed by none other than Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón, founders of the Valencia-based MUT Design.

“A la fresca” – step out into the fresh air – is the name MUT Design have given to their interpretation of imm cologne’s walk-in simulated 180 square meter living space, which is laid out by a different young, influential designer or design team every year. Reminiscent of a classical pavilion (formed from the combination of a circle and a square, styled with minimalist furnishings, open on all sides), their house is inspired by simple geometric shapes and the sun-drenched landscape and nature of Valencia.

The duo’s name-choice refers to a collective culture that still persists in many Valencian villages, where people meet up in the streets and squares at night after the intense heat of the day — which forces many to stay behind closed doors. This custom provides an opportunity to sit down together with neighbours and friends, to enjoy the fresh breeze, together, at leisure. This also comes back in the harmonious selection of materials and colour schemes for their vision of home living.

Traditionally, the patio has been a shaded inner courtyard that forms the organisational centre in Mediterranean architecture. Social life also revolves around this hybrid space. However, in their concept for Das Haus, MUT Design have turned this structure around: Das Haus “A la fresca” evolves from the inside towards the outside.“Life on the Mediterranean is synonymous with life outdoors. Since time immemorial, our homes have always incorporated an element of nature into their interiors,” MUT Design explain.

With their abstract approach, the designers from Valencia have succeeded in making an aesthetically persuasive and – thanks to their notion of a hybrid space – hugely appealing statement in support of a living concept that unites architecture and nature, the indoors and outdoors, opportunities for privacy and communal living.

In addition to the “Das Haus” installation, the interior furnishings fair has a large range of products, interiors, activities and ideas that revolve around the future of producing. Themes of sustainability, a noted interest in craftsmanship and a spike in playful designs appear to be a big part of this 2020 edition, with over 1000 exhibitors taking part in the fair.

Imm Cologne will be taking place from January 13th until January 19th, 2020 at Koelnmesse GmbH, Cologne.

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