Watercolor Tattoos That Really Look Like Paintings

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Watercolor Tattoos That Really Look Like Paintings

Watercolor painting is among the oldest known art techniques. The method, which involves using paints that are suspended in a water-based solution, is so old that it may date back to the oldest European cave paintings, and there are still examples from ancient Egypt. In China, a similar form of ink wash painting became popular during the era of Tang Dynasty art. It was popularized in Europe during the Renaissance. People have loved this art form for so long in part because the colors stay so true, and because the medium is so unforgiving — unlike oil painting, where we can paint over and over a mistake until it’s gone, watercolor is a one-shot deal. The ethereal, diaphanous quality of the resulting method makes it feel dreamy and beautiful, as well. This is why the style of watercolor tattooing has become so popular in recent years.

Watercolor tattoos also involve mixing sterile water into the tattoo ink. The technique involves creating layers of color, and is fairly complex — for anyone who is interested in getting a watercolor tattoo, make sure to go to an artist who is well-versed in this style, and has examples of good watercolor tattoos that look similar to the design chosen. We are also really into super-tiny tattoos right now — including micro tattoos. Another age-old tattoo technique, hand poke, produces some amazing results with the right artist — we never thought of hand poke tattoos as pretty before, but we have had our eyes opened. We’re all for tattoos being meaningful, but we’re also fully in favor of a decorative tattoo, and floral tattoos can be both.

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