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Leave party affiliation out of local politics

Your reporter’s effort to identify Bangor City Council Candidates by their political party affiliation is out of place. At least some of them appropriately declined to answer.

Our City Council is a nonpartisan body, as are many, if not all Maine municipal councils and select boards. Bangor’s Code of Ethics reads in part: “… the nonpartisanship of the City Councilors and their appointees is important for the public confidence in their conduct in fulfilling their duties… City Councilors and their appointees are expected to maintain the nonpartisan structure and intent of Bangor’s form of local governance.”

We already have much too much partisanship in Augusta and Washington, and we should not be engendering it here.

Clifton Eames

Jimmy Carter’s fall

I am old and I fall. When I fall, I feel incompetent, archaic. Since Jimmy Carter fell, I’ve felt differently — presidential. Thank you, Mr. Carter.

Charlie Cameron

Trump and the Kurds

In the wake of President Trump’s impulsive and catastrophic policy decision to abandon our Kurdish allies in northeast Syria and to open the way for a Turkish invasion, a small but symbolic moment exemplifies Trump’s persistent behavior.

Unsurprisingly, Trump took to Twitter with his major policy change. Instead of consulting and coordinating relevant agencies and experts, Trump’s decision put our valued Kurdish allies and their families in grave peril with little warning. The scale of error and dangerous consequences following the Turkish invasion was becoming clear the next day as the President met with the press. When asked whether he had consulted widely before his decision, Trump said he “consulted with everybody.”

Trump’s self-serving mendacity is no surprise. But what about the range of officials in the Defense Department, State Department, intelligence agencies, overseas diplomats and commanders as well as Kurdish leaders who know the depth of Trump’s falsehood on this crucial decision? How do they continue to serve a Commander-In-Chief who betrays them and the truth?

James Matlack

Okafor has my vote for Bangor City Council

Mainers are inundated with news about our aging and declining workforce and the future of our economy. Groups state-wide are working to address this issue and agree that attracting young professionals “from away” and enticing them to stay, build careers and raise families in our communities is one immediate way to have a positive impact.

Bangor has the opportunity this November to set itself apart as a leader in this effort. Angela Okafor is a candidate for Bangor City Council. She’s also an immigrant, a small business owner, an attorney, a parent, a volunteer — in short, exactly the sort of person we need to attract to Bangor to begin to address our workforce issue. If we hope to attract more young professionals and families, representation in city government will go a long way.

If you have had the pleasure of meeting Angela, you know that she is a force of nature — there is nothing she cannot do. If you have not, I encourage you to reach out to her campaign — she would love to share her vision for making Bangor a better place to live and work. And join me on November 5 in voting for her.

Aubrae Filipiak
Maine Career Connect


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