Oh, hi, Dallas! City Hall makes big appearance in Solange video

DALLAS — From Fort Worth to Marfa to Houston, North Texas landmarks and landscapes are no stranger to Solange’s latest videos. 

But a building very familiar to Dallas residents shares a lot of screentime in “Things I Imagined / Down with the Clique.” Released Thursday, the Solange video–directed and edited by the artist herself–is part of a 33-minute short film released previously as an Apple Music exclusive. 

“Almeda,” which features The Fort Worth Water Gardens,” and “Things I Imagined / Down with the Clique” were recently released as stand-alone videos. 

Here’s a look at some of the Texas locations shown in the videos:


The Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei was selected to design Dallas City Hall in 1966. More than a decade later, on March 12, 1978, it was officially opened. 

This isn’t the building’s first time to make an appearance on film. While RoboCop was depicted as taking place in a futuristic Detroit, the OCP Building was actually Dallas City Hall, which through movie magic was given the appearance of a towering high-rise.

The OCP Headquarters in RoboCop

The OCP Headquarters in RoboCop was filmed at Dallas City Hall in 1986.

Orion Pictures

Now, Dallas City Hall serves as a backdrop to a cowboy-hat-wearing Solange as she dances with a Texas sway to “Things I Imagined / Down with the Clique.”


“Things I Imagined / Down with the Clique” opens with Rothko Chapel’s only source of light, a skylight, and then slowly pans down to a man wearing a shimmering headcovering. 

Opened in 1971, the Rothko Chapel is a non-denominational chapel located in Houston, Texas. Designed by three architects–Philip Johnson, Howard Barnstone and Eugene Aubry–the chapel walls are covered with 14 Mark Rothko murals. 

“It’s an epicenter for civil rights activists, a quiet disruption, a stillness that moves,” the chapel’s website reads.

The chapel was closed on March 4 for renovations and won’t reopen until 2020.


“Things I Imagined / Down with the Clique”

“Things I Imagined / Down with the Clique”

Saint Records

And probably to no one’s surprise, downtown Houston also makes an appearance. Along with her sister, Beyoncé, Solange Knowles was born in Houston. The siblings frequently reference their Houston/Texas pride. 


Fort Worth Water Gardens in Almeda

Fort Worth Water Gardens in Almeda

Saint Recorda

In “Almeda,” released on its own in March, a portion of the video features women dressed in black gathering in The Fort Worth Water Gardens.

Built in 1974 and located near the Fort Worth Convention Center, the Water Gardens were designed by New York architects Philip Johnson and John Burgee.

Both “Almeda” and “Things I Imagined / Down with the Clique” are part of Solange’s 33-minute short, “When I Get Home.”

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