Drawing space: Edward Hutchison at the Garden Museum, London | News

Housed in the museum’s new ‘Magazine Space’, the exhibition focuses on Hutchison’s design method, which involves situating himself at the centre of the site, drawing and painting his surroundings for days at a time. 

‘A couple of hours spent in the physical act of drawing and the close observation of a landscape provides an invaluable record,’ says Hutchison. ‘During that time a close understanding develops which stimulates insights and ideas, leading to the eventual design solution. This contemplative procedure forms the basis of our approach.’

Christopher Woodward, museum director, comments ‘I was so impressed with Edward’s show that I asked if he would bring it to the Museum. We expect sketches from architects – and we prize artists’ thoughts preserved on paper – but there has never been an exhibition of designs for landscape and gardens. This series of exhibitions will show why landscape architects draw, and how revealing – and how beautiful – these sketches can be’.

  • Drawing Space: The Work of Edward Hutchison Landscape Architects at the Garden Museum, Lambeth Palace Road, London SE1 7LB; daily from 10.30am – 5.00pm, until 12 September 2009

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