Churchill School students paint the beauty of Homewood

  Kaia Myers, 10, works on a painting of Homewood’s
  Dairy Queen store.
(Marilyn Thomas/H-F Chronicle)

Students in a summer enrichment art class at Homewood’s Churchill School decided the theme for their work would be: “What makes us different makes us beautiful.”


And to represent this idea, they painted a picture of the town. Their project includes drawings of a golf course, Lions Club pool, downtown’s Martin Square, the Splash Pad and Skate Park, the town favorites — Aurelio’s and Dairy Queen, and the three schools in District 153. A set of train tracks runs through the drawing.


  Gehrig Lucas, 9, fills in greenery
  on a golf course scene in the
  Churchill School mural. 

  (Marilyn Thomas/H-F Chronicle)

“It represents the different ways our community is diverse. Not just the way we look but what we do, so there’s all different activities,” said Churchill Principal Nikki Kerr. ”They really did a beautiful job.” 


Arts teacher Anne Siegler worked with the students the weeks of July 22 and 29. The picture had a lot of detail, so what wasn’t finished in the allotted time she and parent volunteers filled in.


Last year, Siegler’s enrichment class painted murals in several hallways, but the fourth grade wing didn’t get a drawing. This work is filling the void.


Gherig Lucas, 10, an incoming fifth grader, took on the golf course drawing. It took him quite a while to come up with just the right color mixes, because “the sandtrap color has to be like peach,” and the golfer’s shirt was salmon color. The water hole “was really hard because it’s so murky in the picture. I had to use brown and blue and green,” Gherig said.


Dominic Hernandez, 8, an incoming third grader, took on the Dorband-Howe House, home of the Homewood Historical Society. He’d visited the house on 183rd Street that was built in 1891 and wanted to include it in the drawing. Painting the bricks was tricky and painstaking work, he said.


Kaia Myers 10, a fifth grader, mixed paints to come up with three colors used for skin tones of the students in the painting.


“At home I mix paint a lot,” she said.


Siegler gave special thanks to the Bottle and Bottega painting party business in downtown Homewood for the donations of paints. 


The owners dropped off bags of almost empty bottles at Siegler’s house, and she was able to empty them. She got enough acrylic paint that she didn’t have to buy paint for the enrichment class.

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